Pipe Friction Handbook

The sixth edition of the Australian Pipe Friction Handbook has been upgraded to firstly correct  some errors in the fifth edition and secondly to bring the PVC pipe tables into line with the pipe sizes and materials manufactured ton the three  standards in Australia other wise the handbook is all as published in the fifth edition.

The PVC tables required changing because this  type of pipe is no longer made solely to AS1477-2017 which is purely a dimensional standard, but also made  to AS 4441-2017 and AS4765-2017 which are material standards, and which are more robust than pipe made to AS1477-2017. The result of the two new standards is, while the external dimensions are the same as AS1477-2017, the pipe inside diameters are different, meaning that a number of news tables are needed  to cover these pipes and because the three Australian pipe makers do not all make the same pipe in the same internal dimensions.

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