PIA Awards

PIA Awards

PIA Industry Innovation Awards (currently suspended)

Your opportunity to showcase your company’s ingenuity

The future prosperity of the Australian Pump Industries is dependent on the ability of PIA members to introduce innovation that meets the needs of Australian and Regional pump users. The climate, geography and resource development potential in the Asia Pacific will continue to present challenges for innovation to meet the environmental and economic circumstances of the region. Australia is ideally placed to capitalize on this potential, if businesses are prepared to tackle the task.


Applications may be made by Australian based companies who can demonstrate that their design team has made a significant contribution to the Industry by introducing the most innovative pump, pumping system or similar pump related project to the market in the past 15 months

The Award application process is open to Full Members of PIA who can demonstrate that they have made a significant contribution in Australia to the design and development of a product, pumping system or project and that this innovation has resulted in dramatic improvement in environmental outcomes.

Entries will be required to demonstrate the benefits obtained by the introduction of this innovation.

  • Description of the innovation
  • Success achieved to date and forecast of future benefits to the market

Only Full Members who are financial may submit an Application. All entries must be made on the Application Form below.  Additional supporting evidence such as client endorsements, press cuttings, scientific evidence etc., can be appended to the Application Form. Information that is covered by Patent or impending Patent will not be required. However, PIA reserves the right to follow up on any evidence provided.

All entries will be treated with complete confidentiality by PIA Administration. Judges will be appointed by PIA Council and care will be taken to avoid any conflict of interest. The Award will be made on technical merit only with no reference to external issues.