There are many worthwhile benefits you’ll receive from becoming a Member of Pump Industry Australia Incorporated. Membership of the Association is available to the following types of persons or organisations:

Member Qualifications​

  • Pump Manufacturers
  • Pump Importers
  • Pump Wholesalers
  • Pump Retailers
  • Pump Repairs & Maintenance
  • Pump Consultants
  • Pump Training or Education
  • Suppliers to the Pump Industry

Membership Benefits

  • Regular general meetings held at a member’s facility provide the opportunity to see different aspects of the industry, and to formally discuss current market conditions and other issues.
  • Occasional Technical Seminars with presentations by specialists on the latest technology in pumping equipment and systems.Informal networking within the association with customers, suppliers and competitors.
  • Discounts off retail prices when purchasing PIA publications.Annual Dinner with partners and guests.
  • Opportunity to lobby Government and Instrumentalities on issues important to the Industry.
  • Discussion groups on Marketing, Statistics and Training.

Annual Membership Fees​

  • Life Member FREE (Executive Council appointment)
  • Private Member $100 inc GST
  • Associate Member* $300.00 inc GST
  • Company Member: less than 10 employees $200 inc GST
  • Company Member: 10 to 25 Employees $350 inc GST
  • Company Member: 25 to 100 Employees $700 inc GST
  • Company Member: over 100 employees $1,400 inc GST

How to Become a Member


There are 2 methods for joining PIA;

  1. Sign up online, or;
  2. Download the PIA Membership Application Form and return completed form to the Secretary via email.

Once approved payment can be accepted via bank deposit (preferred) or PayPal (see below).

Please note that by completing a membership application you agree to accept and be bound by the Constitution and Code of Ethics of the PIA as per the following files:

In the event that it would be difficult for you to obtain a Nominator or Seconder for your membership application, please contact the Association Secretary who may be able to assist you with this problem.