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An Association established to support and promote businesses operating in the Australian Pump Industry

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5th Edition of the Pipe Friction Handbook

Pump Industry Australia is pleased to introduce the 6th edition of our Pipe Friction Handbook which brings the handbook up to date with the latest Australian Standards for pipes and tubes that are commonly used in Australia and includes any additional corrections that were needed..

Just Released
6th Edition of the Australian Pump Technical Handbook

The all new 6th Edition of Pump Industry Australia’s Pump Technical Handbook underwent a complete review and update. The update included major changes to each chapter of the book. The book has been carefully reviewed and changes made to ensure that this Handbook is as up to date as practical and very easy to read and understand all of which has amounted to a nearly 40% increase in content.:




Pump Industry Australia Inc. is an Association established to support and promote businesses operating in the Australian Pump Industry. Our aim is to help in the promotion of our members and their products and services and to provide opportunities to develop their personel through the provision of Technical Publications, Training Courses, Seminars and Networking meetings.

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