Optimizing Pumping Systems

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Optimizing Pumping Systems: A Guide for Improving Energy Efficiency, Reliability, and Profitability

Can you afford to miss out on this comprehensive book on optimizing pumping systems?

Twenty-two industry experts have compiled the most comprehensive book to date on optimizing pumping systems. Energy losses in the pumping system as a whole are often greater than energy losses in the pumping unit. Read this 200+ page book to learn how optimizing both existing and new pumping systems and purchasing based on life cycle costs will lead to increased profitability through a reduction in unnecessary, expensive energy consumption and maintenance costs. Optimizing Pumping Systems includes:

  • Chapter 1 – Pump Fundamentals
  • Chapter 2 – Pump and System Interaction
  • Chapter 3 – Calculating Cost of Ownership
  • Chapter 4 – Improving the Performance of Existing Pumping Systems
  • Chapter 5 – Building Better Pumping Systems: Optimizing New Designs
  • Chapter 6 – Pumping System Economics – Opportunities to Improve Life Cycle Performance
  • 13 Page Glossary of Terms
  • Case Studies
  • A detailed matrix of useful tools available for optimizing pumping systems

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